Right color palette for your website – Choose wisely!

Choosing the right color palette plays a vital role in the design and functionality of your website. Right color palette can be used to interact with the visitors leading them to places where they should click. Also the color palette is one of the first things a visitors notice when they open a website. Palette colors not only emotionally affect site visitors but also conveys them the message that you want.

Flat design do not use elements such as gradients and shadows to evoke the elements of the site looks “real”. The design is minimalist with a bold choice of colors and typography to create a special user experience. This is a style that is mainly used for websites and mobile apps, rarely for printed material.

The colors of the palette are often brighter and stronger. It is also often used more shades of one color and a large number of colors in the palette (6 to 8 colors).

Color palette intended for viewing websites on mobile devices

Long time designers used safe palette of colors for the design of display applications and websites for mobile devices. Recent trends show a bolder use of color.

It is very important to know that the visitors who are coming to your website via a mobile phone are very easily distracted and that is very important to choose the right color palette. For this purpose you can use colors to put emphasis on some link (easier to attract attention), gave a statement (using more attractive colors combined with bold typography) or launch an emotional response with proper choice of colors.

Retro colors

Retro is back in style with its palette from yellow, to brown all the way to the blue. Retro colors are not as saturated and have more sense than other flat tints. In this range there is no room for bright colors. To create a retro look, shades are muted often dramatically, but not at the level of pastels. A true retro design uses only a few colors to mimic the ability to show the time, which is trying to depict.

The characteristic combination of these colors is to use colors from opposite sides of the color wheel. This constitutes an additional element which has the contrast to be performed in the period from the 1950th to 1970. when these styles were popular.

For the choice of the color palette, you can use the following sites:


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