Twitter commands and shortcuts

One of the best social networking sites is Twitter. The only problem I have with it is that it just does so many things. While most know how to do the basics on Twitter, there exists some useful commands and keyboard shortcuts that make it even easier and better to use.

@usernameThe @ sign placed before a username starts a conversation with the other user. This will place your tweet on the username Twitter page where it will be saved in their replies.
E.g. @maketecheasier This is a great cheatsheet
#The hashtag calls attention to certain words within your tweet. It’s usually related to the context the tweet is referring to.
E.g. Are you looking forward to iOS7? #ios #apple
RTStands for “RETWEET”. RT works the same as the Share button on Facebook. Placed in your tweet, it will share someone else’s tweet with all of your followers.
E.g. RT @maketecheasier This is a great cheatsheet
DPlaced before a username, it will send a private message to their device, but be saved in their web archive.
E.g. d @maketecheasier Can you send me this cheatsheet?
WHOISPlaced before a username, this displays the profile of that user.
E.g. WHOIS maketecheasier
GETPlaced before a username, this displays the latest update by that person.
E.g. GET maketecheasier
NUDGEPlaced before a username, this reminds the person to update.
E.g. NUDGE maketecheasier
FAVPlaced before a username, this saves the user’s last tweet as one of your favorites.
E.g. FAV maketecheasier
STATSThis will tell you your stats, such as your number of followers, number of people you are following, and your bio.
INVITEPlaced before a phone number, it will send an SMS invite to their phone.
E.g. INVITE 1234567

There are also a number of handy keyboard shortcuts that work along with Twitter to add into the Twitter User Guide. However, it should be noted that these don’t work along with apps or the mobile browser version (, and there is no way to switch the view to the Desktop Version.

Shortcut KeyFunction
?Opens a pop-up containing keyboard shortcuts.
nOpens up a dialog box to post a new status.
rReplies to the tweet that is selected.
tRetweets the reply that is selected.
mSends a direct message to a user.
/Takes you to the search box
.Moves you back to the top of the page and updates your feed.
g + hTakes you to your Twitter home page.
g + rTakes you to your Mentions (NOT Messages)
g + mTakes you to your Direct Messages.
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